Pets as Therapy have helped reduced deadline stress!

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Meike and Dog

On 11th December, we welcomed Pets as Therapy to Dreadnought. This aim is to help our students relax during the stressful time of last-minute deadlines, and what a great job they did. The event is part of StressBusters by Academic Communities.

Pets as Therapy is an organisation dedicated to providing companionship and friendship and helps to tackle loneliness within local communities. They also help comfort those with mental and physical health conditions and illnesses such as Autism, Dementia and Stroke by including animal-assisted interventions as part of a holistic approach to treatment. As an organisation, they have also introduced their read2dogs campaign which focuses on helping young children learn to read. 

Teaming up with Pets as Therapy has allowed students to take a few minutes away from studying and to just be calm and relaxed. This has also been a fantastic experience for students to come together and for relationships not just with the dog but with each other as students were able to just sit and have light conversation with one another. 

There have been many studies that have shown the benefits of interacting with pets reduces the feelings of stress and anxiety. We asked one student how she felt after spending time with little dog Freddy, ‘This week I have had so many deadlines. It was so nice to take a few minutes to relax and pet some cute dogs.’ 

Coming up next as part of StressBusters is the Kundalini Yoga on 14th December, 8.30am-9.45am led by Yoga Society.


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