Off for a SHAG (Week)

GSU Officer Nele introduces Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance Week for 2021!

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‘Tis the season! While it’s not quite the festive period yet, it’s time to get excited! Nestled between Halloween and Christmas lies one of my personal favourite times of the year, and I hope I get to share it with many of you. It is the one, it is the only, it is – SHAG Week! 

It is...what? SHAG Week stands for Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance Week (anyone ever heard of a more apt abbreviation?) and is a campaign in its third year of running at Greenwich Students’ Union.  

SHAG Week is about many things – sexual health, consent, safety in the bedroom, gender identity, exploring and expressing your sexuality, feminism, sex positivity, but most importantly - it is about you, and about having fun.  

SHAG Week aims to bring the conversation about sex and sexuality into the academic space of university buildings. We want to do our part of chipping away at the stigma that often surrounds the topics, especially for liberation groups (Women, POC, LGBTQIA+ people and Disabled people). The underlying message of SHAG Week is this: sex and sexuality, and all the themes that come with them, are natural parts of being human that should be openly talked about, destigmatised and unapologetically cherished and celebrated.  

So, what can you expect? SHAG Week will be as accessible as possible, about many things at once, and with bits and pieces for everyone. We’re having events to chat about what good sex means to you, about sex, kink and disability, we’re having a consent workshop, a workshop to learn about safe BDSM practises, a sex pub quiz, a pole try-out session, a drag show, and to top it all off – a big party at the end of the week. Sounds like fun? It will be!  

Alongside SHAG Week, we are running an exhibition with the title "Celebrating Sex". For this, we are looking for your pieces of art! If you have any work you’d like to submit (painting, drawing, writing, poetry, photography etc.), please get in touch with Nele at @nelegsu (on Instagram or Facebook) or email The pieces will be displayed in Dreadnought 8th-12th November and in Avery Hill and Medway the following weeks.  

Got any questions about SHAG Week? Want to get involved in the campaign? Get in contact with Nele!  


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Off for a SHAG (Week)

GSU Officer Nele introduces Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance Week for 2021!

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