New Multi-Faith Room at Avery Hill - a message from your GSU Officer, Laziz

A new multi-faith room is now open at the Avery Hill campus. On that note, read this message from your GSU Officer Laziz.

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Multi-Faith Room at Avery Hill

Dear Students, 

I am delighted to announce the opening of the new multi faith prayer room at Avery Hill Campus, a significant addition aimed at fostering inclusivity and accommodating the diverse cultural and religious needs of our student community. 

As the Students' Union Officer, it brings me great pleasure to witness the manifestation of our collective efforts in establishing a space that prioritises the religious practices and cultural traditions of our students. The provision of this prayer room represents a crucial step towards ensuring that all students feel welcomed, respected, and supported in their beliefs while studying at our esteemed institution. 

Located in a central and accessible area on campus in Seymour court right next to Tudor café, the prayer room has been designed to provide a serene and contemplative environment for individuals of all faiths. It is a space where students can engage in prayer, reflection, and spiritual activities, contributing to their overall well-being and creating a sense of belonging within our academic community. You can also find multi faith spaces in Greenwich located in Dreadnought building, and in Medway located in Pilkington building (039).  

The development of this facility would not have been possible without the collaborative efforts of various departments, including the university administration, religious and cultural societies, our previous GSU officer Abdul Ahad and the unwavering support of the student body. It is through this unity and collective vision that we have been able to materialise a space that caters to the needs of our diverse student population. 

I encourage all students to utilise and respect this new space, ensuring that it remains a safe and harmonious environment for everyone. Let us embrace this opportunity to learn from each other's diverse experiences and continue to foster a campus culture that values and respects every individual. 

In the spirit of inclusivity and respect for all, let us celebrate this milestone and use it to further strengthen the bonds within our diverse student community. 

Thank you to all who contributed to this initiative and may this prayer room stand as a symbol of our commitment to unity in diversity. 

Warm regards, 



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