NUS Delegates and Faculty Officer Winners!

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In the Autumn Elections, the Greenwich student population voted to elect five National Union of Students (NUS) Delegates and three Education and Health Sciences Faculty Officers.

Both of these roles are part-time and voluntary roles to represent the voices of Greenwich students.

The NUS Delegates will attend the National Union of Students Conference at the end of March, whilst the three students elected as Faculty Officers will begin their roles with an induction period as soon as possible.

We had a record turnout for our Autumn Elections this year - 905 voters cast 1,001 votes. That's a 91% increase in voters on last year's 472. Thanks to all that voted!

And now for the results...congratulations to everyone below. 

Education and Health Faculty Officers

  • Ine Gismarvik
  • Sumaiya Jannat
  • Ricky Nestfield

NUS Delegates - the Winners

Due to NUS rules, there must be at least fifty per cent of candidates identifying as women, as we send 5 candidates, the NUS sets this as two. 

  • Yash Bansal
  • Bilal Ijaz
  • Henry Setter
  • Mayo Femi-Obalemo
  • Bethany Howell


For a full breakdown of the results, click here to download them.


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