Library welcomes children in support of student parents

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Students with caring responsibilities who need to use the libraries can celebrate after an Officer win for students.

Two students parents had come to the GSU Advice Service and highlighted that they were not allowed to enter the library with their children during half term and needed access to the facilities.

Last year's Mature Students' Officer Alessia Serafini highlighted in her 2018 manifesto: 'As a mature student and a parent, I have met some personal difficulties in my first year at the University...'

She continues: 'trying to return a book to the library with my baby, and the guard at the entrance told me that it was not possible because children cannot enter the library.

But a few days later I noticed a toilet downstairs having baby change facilities, so my question is why if a baby cannot enter the building, it is possible to change the nappy for them?'

Henry Setter, current GSU President and former Vice-President Welfare supported the campaign by meeting with members of staff and pushed for the review of the Children on Campus Policy. 

Setter says: 'I worked over summer with the library to design a new process. Now rather than saying no, students with their children will be offered an induction to the library and the new services it offers, the child will be welcomed as a part of this.'

For full information on the policy, please read the University's article on the change to the policies at Avery Hill and Stockwell Street and Drill Hall Library. 


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