Lecture captures - statement

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Lecture captures - statement

A statement regarding lecture captures from President and Vice President Education

Over the past years students have been telling us continuously they want a digital tool which records lectures so that they can utilise the recorded material to enhance their learning. Panopto - the system our University is using - has actually been in use for over five years. However, so far it has not been University wide policy and an 'opt in' rather than 'opt out' option for staff.

From student consultation over the past two years through our academic representation, University staff led focus groups and other channels such as social media, we know that the vast majority of our students want and need the lectures to be captured in all lectures across the University.

Not just students with accessibility needs, but all students benefit from their lectures being recorded. Parenting students, students with caring responsibilities and commuting students can review the material again after the lecture whenever it suits them best. Students who live close to campus can book group study rooms to discuss the material after they have been to the lecture. International students and students with accessibility needs can review the material again afterwards. All students can utilise the recorded lecturers as many times as they like for their coursework and to review for their exams.

We are in full support of the lectures to be recorded for all of our students and have been part of the conversation to make this happen from day one. Whilst there are legitimate concerns which have been raised by staff, these concerns have been considered and measures have been put in place to reduce them as much as possible. We appreciate this is a cultural change for a lot of staff and encourage collaboration between students and staff so that students get the most out of the lecture recordings, but also appreciate that it's a new and unfamiliar tool for a lot of staff and may need some time to get used to.

Students can find more information here: https://www.gre.ac.uk/it-and-library/panopto

If you have any concerns regarding the capture of your lectures, please contact the Director of Learning and Teaching of your faculty. We are able to help you with that.

And of course, we would love to hear what you think or any feedback or questions you have regarding the lecture captures!

Just drop us an email: M.Imberg@gre.ac.uk or A.Papa@gre.ac.uk.

You can also message us on any of our social media accounts or come and speak to us in person.

Thank you,

Meike Imberg – President
Alessio Papa – Vice-President Education


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