Greenwich Interns selected for Mayor's Entrepreneur Competition

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Two University of Greenwich students have been selected to participate in the Mayor of London's Entrepreneur competition for 2020.

Cameron Cort and Sara Occhipinti will be representing Greenwich and hope to be as successful as previous winners.

The competition asks London's students to come up with a viable business idea that will deliver good growth for the city. Key principles include being greener and ready for the future. 

The winners of the awards will get £20k to start up their business idea. There are four awards available, for environmental, creative industries, smart cities and the health sector.  

Past winners have included:

  1. Arthur Kay (UCL). His 2012 idea to turn coffee waste into biofuels is now a registered company employing 30 people. He has just expanded his processing capabilities to 50,000 tonnes of coffee waste per year and has launched a new product – Coffee logs.
  2. 2016 winners Elena Dieckmann and Ryan Robinson (Imperial College London) are turning waste feathers into insulation and other innovative materials, including new packaging PLUUMO, through their business Aeropowder
  3. 2015 winner Bump Mark was the brainchild of Solveiga Pakstaite (Brunel University). These bioreactive food expiry date labels degrade from smooth to bumpy at the same rate as the food inside the package so bumps mark the food as beyond its best. She is currently planning an instore trial with a major retailer.


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