GSU Societies and Sports Awards Winners 2020

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The GSU Societies Awards took place on Wednesday 22 April and the GSU Sports Awards took place on Friday 24 April.  

Due to circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 outbreak, both awards were conducted online with great engagement from members and showcased the best of Societies and Sports at Greenwich Students' Union.  

Congratulations to all the shortlisted nominees and of course to the winners. 

Society Awards Shortlists and Winners 

Best New Society:

  • Bulgarian 

  • Politics 

  • Portuguese   

  • Tamil - winner 


Society Community Award:

  • Hispanic 

  • Islamic 

  • Model United Nations - winner 

  • Performing Arts 


Outstanding Fundraising Award:

  • Islamic - winner 


Unsung Hero Award:

  • Ben Prothero (Performing Arts) 

  • Darnell White- Russell (ACS) - winner 

  • Emma Dowley (Harry Potter) 

  • Keanu Nguyen (Anime and Games) 

  • Zaynah Muttur (Islamic) 


Event(s) of the Year: 

  • Global Village Night (Model United Nations) 

  • Halloween event (Harry Potter/Mind) - winner 

  • Latin Night (Hispanic) 

  • SHAG Week (Feminism) 

  • Winter Showcase (Performing Arts) 


Society Development Award:

  • Amnesty International 

  • Bar 

  • Marketing - winner 

  • S.O.D.A 


Wider Influence Award: 

  • Amnesty International 

  • Greenwich LINKS - winner 


Outstanding Contribution to Societies: 

  • Daniel Chedgzoy (S.O.D.A) 

  • Hilana Gastanttinis (Marketing) 

  • Harriett Lambert (Paramedic Science) - winner 

  • Joseph Pengelly Del Cerro (Model United Nations) 


Society of the Year: 

  • Feminism 

  • Hispanic 

  • Model United Nations - winner 

  • Snowsports 


Sports Awards Shortlists and Winners 


Club outreach: 

  • Rugby 

  • Womens Football - winner 


Newcomer of the year: 

  • Abigail Judd (Hockey) 

  • Chloe Fagg (Hockey) 

  • Lilliana Reed (Womens Football) 

  • Samuel Brown (Badminton) - winner 

  • Santah Chana (Hockey) 


Club development: 

  • American Football 

  • Badminton - winner 

  • Dance 

  • Women’s Basketball 


Sportsperson of the year: 

  • Billy Abbott (American Football) 

  • Ellis Lunn (Womens Football) 

  • James Hardy (American Football) 

  • Rhys Theobald (Men's Football) - winner 

  • Roosmarjin van Klaveren (Hockey) 


Team of the year: 

  • Futsal 

  • Men’s Badminton 

  • Men’s Football 1st - winner 

  • Women’s Football 

  • Women’s Volleyball 


Outstanding contribution to sport :

  • Ben Stokes (American Football/Men’s Football)  

  • Billy Abbott (American Football) 

  • Emma Caney (Hockey) 

  • Guilia Terragni (Women’s Volleyball) 

  • Tia Walby (Womens Football) - winner 


Club of the year: 

  • Badminton 

  • Hockey 

  • Men’s Football - winner 

  • Women’s Football


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