GSU President Meike is an inspiration to us all

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Who better to talk to than our President Meike who has been leading Greenwich Students’ Union for the past two years? Meike has helped change the way students are represented to the University and has given students a voice. Anyone that knows Meike understands that she is never still and is constantly looking for ways to better students' University experience, from interacting with them one on one, taking feedback to an important meeting or coming up with new ideas on how to keep the Greenwich Students' Union (GSU) moving forward.

When talking to Meike about her role as President she said, “Being a Students’ Union President is such a complex, varying, empowering and colourful job; I love every minute of it and there are so many different reasons for it! Fighting for positive change has always been my passion and I am learning so many different and new things about myself and the world around me, it’s incredible. What’s most wonderful is to see the direct impact of the changes we push for and implement and much of a difference they can make for our students on the ground. I will always be grateful for this amazing opportunity GSU has given me; you do something different every day, you learn something different every day, you meet someone different every day and you come across different challenges and opportunities every day! I just love working for GSU every single day and even though it can be tiring at times, it is also incredibly rewarding and I would not change a single day about it!”

It is safe to say that Meike is a force to be reckoned with and her passion and enthusiasm is a lesson she has taught us all. Meike is an inspiration to us all, proving with passion is a true driving force when achieving change. Happy Women’s History Month. 


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