Five items to revamp your study space

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The new term is here and the majority of us have set goals to boost productivity and achieve the grade that we desire. With the lockdown restrictions, we have now (more than ever)  needed to have a consistent study space to work in.

We have created a list of five items that will help you love your study space and increase your productivity, so you can still feel like your best self in the pandemic.


Whiteboard / Vision Board  

The best way to reach any goal is to visualise it. If you believe in affirmations, then being able to see your goals and manifest them can take you closer to them. Using a pinboard with a whiteboard will help you create a vision board and set daily tasks to bring you closer to your goals. Plus ticking off your to do list will leave you satisfied.

Shopping - Look at this dual purpose board


Laptop Stand

If you are using your laptop to study then your posture could be compromised. A good way to improve your study time is investing in a laptop stand. This will make a long day feel a lot less strenuous.

Shopping Try out this stand



There is nothing like using a diffuser to clear the air, the different selections of essential oils are known as arothemphary which is a holistic healing treatment and helps aid you in relaxing. These are perfect to use throughout the day.

Shopping Simple and classic diffuser


Organiser sets

A decluttered space makes for a clear mind! Keep your space organised with some simple but effective tools that put your documents in accessible and structural way that will keep your space nice and tidy.

If you want to be creative and more cost effective, you can use some old bean cans, cups or mason jars to put pens in. Boxes to organise these into, and if you are a painter, get the tools out and make organisers that suit your theme.

ShoppingGet a super set of organisers.



Get some plant pieces, artificial or real to liven up your space! With the lack of outdoors, it is good to keep nature close to you, and if it is real, nurturing a plant is great for the soul.

Here are suggestions of real plants that will last:

  • Devil’s Ivy
  • Zamioculcas Zamiifolia
  • Peace lily
  • Cacti (for the lazy and forgetful)

Shopping - artificial succulent.


5 Items to Revamp your Study Space Competition

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With some of the items we have listed in our article, you can revamp your space to help you increase productivity 


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