Covid-19 and Ramadan

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In this short article we outline how you can continue to protect yourself and others from Covid-19 whilst fasting for Ramadan.

The information and guidance that has been included in this article comes from the British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA). You can read it in full detail here:


Whether you’re on campus or at home, you may need to take a Covid-19 PCR or lateral flow test. These are effective tools to help control the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

During Ramadan, you may be questioning if it is okay to have a PCR or a lateral flow test. The British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA) has confirmed that taking either of these tests is okay. You will not invalidate your fast during Ramadan by getting tested. Details can be found in their statement.

Are you returning to campus? The guidance is to take a test before you come back and then remember to wear a mask, create space and wash your hands regularly. 

When you are back on campus, then you can get a regular test at any of the council test sites operated by Greenwich or Medway if that is where you study or in your local area. Read the arrangements for Covid-testing on the campuses article here.

Fasting & Covid Vaccinations

Taking the Covid-19 vaccines currently licensed in the UK does not invalidate the fast. This is the opinion of Islamic scholars. This is because these injections are for non-nutritional purposes and the method of how they enter the body through intramuscular injection means they do not count as entry sites that would invalidate a fast.

Read the details on vaccinations here.

For further information, details of sources and what to do if you get ill with Covid-19 whilst fasting, please head to for full information on Covid-19.

You can email BIMA on if you have further queries.

Praying on campus

Some of our facilities remain closed due to the pandemic. The multifaith space in Greenwich is set to re-open from Thursday 8th April for individual prayer. Social distancing and room capacities will apply (information is supplied at the entrance of the room).

The prayer spaces at Avery Hill campus and Medway are to be confirmed.


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