Cocktail Crafting at Lower Deck

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We took a look behind the scenes of Lower Deck, to get an insight into where all of those fancy cocktail garnishes are sourced from. We found out that all of the dehydrated fruit garnishes that are used in the Lower Deck cocktails are all made in-house with their new Excalibur Food Dehydrator. 

This machine has so far produced dehydrated strawberries, pineapple, limes, orange, dragon fruit, banana and even jalapeños! The Dehydrator is able to make these garnishes within 26 hours by keeping them at a steady 41ºC to 74ºC. These garnishes are then used to create the finishing touches to some of the 13 cocktails on offer.

We asked bar manager Georgina about the garnishes: ‘We are trying to be as sustainable as possible, using every part of the fruit we have here at Lower Deck.’ 

Lower Deck also has been producing their own flavoured syrups including tea flavoured syrups for their collaboration with the Greenwich Societea. They are even planning to make their own infused mulled wine for the festive period! 

All of this adds to how sustainable Lower Deck already is! At current, they are no longer providing unnecessary plastic straws, most of their plastic cups are reusable and all glass bottles are recycled or reused!  

We recommend the banana split cocktail, which features whipped cream and dehydrated banana to garnish. The ultimate instagrammable cocktail. 



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