Changes to Change Coffee at Greenwich

Change Coffee to close its doors at Greenwich.

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imagery of change cafe

Greenwich Students’ Union offers a range of not-for-profit venues at the Avery Hill, Greenwich and Medway campuses. One of these venues established in 2018 is Change Coffee, which was situated in the Romney Road end of the Dreadnought building. 

For the upcoming academic year, Change as a venue will be closing its doors. For some, Change has always existed n the Lower Deck in the Dreadnought building; you will still be able to get hot drinks and pastries there from September.  

Change Coffee was started to offer students a healthy option on campus with local products. Originally, we had a very different brand for Change Coffee with colourful characters and a signature cup. We ran campaigns such as Change Your Coffee Week and a competition to name our new hedgehog character, Piccolino.  

In time, we understood that students wanted a coffee shop that delivered quality food made on campus, rather than externally manufactured sandwiches. Change started to deliver their signature sandwiches and launched our brown box, green values campaign - our entire packaging range changed to vegware, which is made out of plants, not plastic. 

During the pandemic Change had to close its doors, and we continued to support our student staff financially over this time with the help of the University of Greenwich. 

We re-opened Change post-pandemic in 2021 within the Lower Deck initially to ensure that we could support better social distancing as we realised that our upstairs venue was not fully suitable. We then managed to make the move back into our venue for the start of the academic year. 

For January 2022, we were looking to re-open Change as a plant-powered café. However, with issues to the supply chain that were affecting businesses across the country, we put a pause on these plans. We decided that to offer food and drink, we should move Change within the Lower Deck again. 

Looking ahead to the upcoming academic year we have seen that students really enjoy Change’s offer within the Lower Deck; however, we will incorporate Change’s products into the Lower Deck offer fully. As a result, it’s time to say goodbye to the Change brand. We will however, retain the plant-based coffee cups and continue to offer a great range hot drinks. Whilst it is goodbye to a brand, it is not goodbye to the product offer. 

We’ll be posting some goodbye Change content on our social media in the week of Monday 1 August until Friday 5 August at @changegre. We hope you’ll reminisce with us and share the fond memories you have. 

We look forward to welcoming you with our great coffee in the Lower Deck from September.  

Can I still get hot drinks on campus? 

Yes – we will continue to offer hot drinks at the Lower Deck, and at our venues at Avery Hill and Medway. 

Can I still use my Change loyalty card? 

We will no longer distribute new loyalty cards that are branded as Change, but we will continue to add stamps and redeem cards until further notice. 

What will happen to the space? 

We will be announcing our plans in the future for the venue. 


For all our loyal Change fans, we wanted to showcase what Change used to be, and what might have been. Here's some of the early artwork and concept art from Change Coffee.

Early artwork of Change

early artwork of change

Unused early artwork

Early artwork design



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