Celebrating Pride Month at Greenwich Students' Union

Discover how we are #ProudToBeGRE this Pride month!

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Pride protest - text overlay celebrating pride month at your Students' Union

Each year Pride is celebrated in June, partly in protest and partly to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. Whilst the convential events such as Pride marches and festivals are delayed this year to ensure activities are Covid-19 safe, this is still a key time in the year to focus on what has been achieved for the community and outline what still needs to be done.

How has Greenwich Students' Union been inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community in 2020/21?

  • Breaking Barriers was expanded this year to represent LGBTQ+ voices and encourage the community to see themselves as leaders.
  • LGBT+ History Month was marked with a series of articles and teams backgrounds. 
  • GSU Officer Zoë Campbell and GSU Staff have been sitting on the University of Greenwich Stonewall Accreditation group to ensure the University is working towards its commitments to the LGBTQ+ community.
  • The Pee without Prejudice campaign saw students mobilise to feed into a Government consultation on gendering toilets.
  • Launch of the LGBTQ+ Network through our Liberation Organisers. The Liberation Organisers have done the following:
    • Promoted a petition to get non-binary recognised
    • Ran an LGBTQ+ survey
    • Taken part in an Intersectional Meet-up
    • Ran an LGBT+ Network Meet & Greet
  • The LGBTQ+ Society released a virtual welcome video. 

How is Greenwich Students' Union celebrating Pride 2021?

  • Vibrant digital screens celebrating Pride in the Dreadnought Building.
  • Showcasing Pride on our social media - search gsulgbt on Instagram Stickers to find our pride range. See more on our Giphy account.
  • Flags on campus! We'll be flying the Pride Progress flag. 
  • We encourage students to put on Pride events this month and will help to promote them.
  • Teams backgrounds to download.

Get involved with Pride this June - tag us on Instagram @GreenwichStudentsUnion and use one of our Pride stickers (search gsulgbt)!

Find out what the University is up to here.


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