Autumn Elections: The Results

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With five roles on offer with 11 total spaces, there was a great turnout of 472 voters in the Autumn Term elections.


NUS Delegates

There are six delegates who have been elected to go to the National Union of Students (NUS) conference. They will be able to submit motions and will ensure your voice is heard.

There was an 18% increase in the number of votes in comparison to 2017.


The winners are:

Henry Setter

Meike Imberg

Marian Kutsoati

Nathalie Grigorenko

Panth Gautam Shah

Vincent Atigla


Student Council Chair

With a 10% increase in voter turnout, this year's winner is Gursimran Kaur!

Student Council is the decision-making body for the whole Students' Union and any student can attend.

You can submit a motion for student council here


Avery Hill Campus Officer

Melani Georgieva is elected to represent students at Avery Hill Campus to improve their student experience.


Health & Education Faculty Officer

Improving academic representation for Health and Education will be Benjamin Haigh and Sharath Ram Shivkumar Kumutaavalli! Voting for this role is up a huge 51% from 2017.


Postgraduate & Part-time Students’ Officer

Ashwathi Anand is elected and will be your new officer. There is a new Postgraduate space in the Dreadnought building. For this position there was an increase of 309% in voter turnout for this position.


You can find out who your other Faculty and Part-Time Officers are here


Results for autumn elections were announced at Lower Deck on the 7th of November.


A full breakdown of votes can be found on the following PDFs







Percentage increases have been rounded to the nearest whole number.

Please get in touch if you need the PDF's in a large text format.


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