5 ways to get to know your flatmates without going out

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Moving away from home, you are probably wondering; how you are going to cope making new friends while we are in the middle of a pandemic? We have come up with 5 ways to get to know your flatmates without going outside.  

1. Lockdown Games:  

Grab your flatmates and get some board games, cards or download an app. Grab a few drinks and snacks and turn a simple board game into a night of competitiveness. 

Here are some suggestions:  

Heads up - simply download the app and divide yourselves into teams, hold the phone on the players forehead, and have the rest of the teamplayers act out the topic.  

Two truths and a lie - a great game for learning more about your flatmates, each member comes up with two truths and lie, and everyone has to guess which statement is a lie.  

Uno, Card Against Humanity or any other card games - purchase a deck of cards, or find app alternatives. 

Board games in shops or some versions can be printed. This is a specific game to play with flatmates you can get here.  

Your fun doesn’t have to be locked up, even if you’re playing Monopoly and you’ve been sent to jail.

2.Cooking/Dinner Party: 

Get everyone together and choose a recipe online. Order ingredients from your local store, Amazon or our Village Shop which is available for click and collect at Avery Hill -  greenwichsu.co.uk/villageshop. Decide what everyone’s strength is and delegate the specific roles for example; who’s cutting the onions, who’s timing how long it cooks or who’s in charge of the cooking playlist. Get a (hopefully) great meal, top banter over the dinner table, and make it a regular arrangement.   

3. GSU Virtual Events.  

Our team have a range of virtual events you can attend by visiting greenwichsu.co.uk/welcome/2020/events, and if we are not hosting one, find a Society of as they will be holding virtual gathering for you and your flatmates to tune into.  

4. Start a flat social account 

Try your hand at podcasting, becoming TikTok stars or creating YouTube videos. React to the latest music videos, stream your gaming or create a vlog series about what it’s like to be a student for the first time during coronavirus.  

5. Unpacking together 

As you have all moved into your new places, unpacking can be a very tiring or emotional activity. Why not make it fun by unpacking together with your flatmates? This way you can share stories about particular items, and help make the flat a place to call home for the year.  

If you would like to explore more games or ideas to play with your flatmates, check out the links below or a quick google search on the games rules will help. 

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to tweet us your favourite games, or dm us on Instagram.  

Many students will be joining from around the world, find ways to share your culture together by incorporating your twist on the games to stay well connected.  

Useful links :  

Fun night in 
Board games  


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