Five reasons not to vote in the GSU Elections

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Voting for just two roles is so much effort.

Every student can vote for their NUS Conference Delegates and for the GSU Officer role. There will be six NUS Conference Delegates and four GSU Officers that will be elected.

My vote won’t change the result.

Under our voting system, it’s actually pretty close. Your vote could be the difference between someone winning and someone losing. Voting using a preference system means the person who is closest to getting elected can swap around each round of voting!

I don’t even use the Students’ Union.

Did you get a check-in call this year? We ran those. Did you use the Village Shop? Yep, that's us too! 

The Students’ Union does nothing.

This year Greenwich Students’ Union (GSU) and GKSU at Medway have put on Covid safe events for Welcome Week. We've transformed our services to go online, including Advice, Varsity, takeaway at the Village Shop, GSUmove and so much more!

I don’t know the candidates.

All the candidate’s manifestos (reasons you should vote for them) are on the GSU website. Just check out

Your vote really does matter, thank you for caring about the future of your Students' Union.


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