Shannon Jackowski


I’m a third year Politics student. During my time at Greenwich I’ve been
secretary of LGBTQ+, on the Welfare Council, and President of Thinks and

Being LGBTQ+ for me is less about actually being LGBTQ+, it was
more about my journey to discovering and accepting who I am. I came from
a super conservative home, with parents who definitely imposed
heteronormative values in me. So for a long time I tried so hard to
follow those. I’m proud of myself for how far I’ve come and I’m proud of
us as a community really coming together and fighting for each other.
University has really opened my eyes to so many things. I never
used to identify with or actively get involved in the community. I didn’t
realise so many sexualities, genders, romantic identities existed! I was
very ignorant to the extent of the community. Since arriving I’ve met
some amazing people and I’ve begun to realise giving myself the
‘bisexual’ label might not be right. I’ve really started questioning;
does gender matter when you love someone?

All the support I’ve received have been from members of the society
or people in lectures, it’s hard trying to figure out who you are as well
as trying to live the adult life at uni! Everyone I’ve spoken to about it
have been so great.

In the wider world there are still certain opinions held that I
encounter constantly. Biphobia is alive and kicking folks. Many straight
men get super excited when they find out I’m a woman, who also likes
women! And many women think I’m going through a phase. It makes finding
someone genuine really difficult.

Outside of that, I was trying to compose my CV last year and I had
to take pause: being a committee member looks great on the CV but does
being a committee member in the LGBTQ+ Society look good? It’s something
I’ve never had to think of before. Of course there’s diversity
legislation in place, but will my CV get written off if they see ‘LGBTQ’
on it?


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