Niamh Baggesen-Cox


Throughout my time at the university of Greenwich I have been very active
in the LGBTQ+ society, and was Vice President of the society in my second
year, along with being the LGBTQ+ part time officer for the university.
These roles provided me with great opportunities to run and attend great
events; both social and academic in support of LGBTQ+ rights,
heterosexual allies, and tackling transgender issues. Personally I’ve
received great support from students and staff at the university, and
have had great experiences in my student life. However, there is always
room for improvement; for example, I think the university and the
students union could still improve massively on intersectionality issues,
like more support for disabled and BAME members of our LGBTQ+ society, as
well as improving facilities for transgender and non-binary students
(despite my three years of work there is still a lack of gender neutral
toilets and safe spaces!). Finally I also would like to support the no
initiations campaign as initiations can be intimidating and even bullying
which can massively affect participation, not to mention the mental
health of vulnerable members of our community!


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