Meike Imberg


I am Meike, GSU President (2017-19) and I graduated in
Sociology and Psychology in 2017. I have always been very fortunate with
my experiences as a LGBTQ+ person. I came out when I was 14 and my family
and friends reacted very positively and encouraging. These positive
experiences continued throughout my life which is why it was not ‘a big
deal’ for me to be out at University. In fact, I did not even think about
coming out at University again, I just never made a secret of me being

I always try to use my positive experiences to empower and support
others who have been less fortunate with their experiences throughout
their lives. There are still so many challenges and issues that LGBTQ+
people face and only together can we change society and the world for the
better! I will never stop trying to change the world myself!


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