Officer Remits

Greenwich Students' Union Officers

Below you will find the GSU Officer Remits for this year. This will give you an idea of what you can expect from each officer and who to approach with a specific query.

These remits were decided as part of the Officer induction process and take into account manifestos, Student Priorities and general GSU ongoing work. Officers attend a wide range of University meetings in accordance with their remits and help to ensure that all decisions made at the University have a student influence.





Team support 

Governance - Union and University   

Mental health and wellbeing including men's mental health

Union and industrial action   

Wider/London influencing    

Reward and recognition        

Teaching excellence framework        

Access and participation        




Academics as champions

Employability and careers     

Sports group leader support  

Sports offers  

GSU commercial outlets lead

IT/ILS lead      

Avery Hill (Joint with Bilal)    



Academic and social integration including Academic Communities, Representatives, assessment and Personal Tutors

Accessibility lead       

Medway Matters campaign  

BAME Leadership and representation           

Faith group support   

Post-graduate support

Employability: placements, internships and shadowing opportunities and more inclusive career fairs



Visa support and International employability           

Social support to Internationals        

Pre-arrival and arrival support

Academic Support Services   


Wellbeing and support           

Avery Hill