Faculty Officers

Faculty Officers play an important role in linking the work at University Faculty level and GSU’s Representation functions.


Faculty Officers are elected to represent students through the academic representation system. They also supplement the work and duties of Programme Reps throughout their Faculty.

They provide a presence at Faculty meetings, hold key relationships with staff with the aim of continually improving the experience of students whilst at Greenwich.

Their main responsibilities include;

• Attending Faculty level meetings to provide student insight into the decision-making process

• Gathering feedback that may affect students across the whole Faculty

• Liaising with key members of staff to resolve student issues as they arise

• Engaging and keeping in contact with Programme Reps and providing ongoing support throughout the year

GSU is also keen to further support representation at School/Department level, and the Representation Team will be working alongside Heads of Departments and/or Schools to further assist with this.

For more information about the role and work of Faculty Officers, please check out greenwichsu.co.uk/academicrep or email reps@gre.ac.uk