UK General Election 2024

Page last updated 4th June 2024

The UK General Election takes place on Thursday 4th July.

As a student, you may be eligible to vote and have your say.

Read on for all the information you need to take part!



Countdown till the General Election:


Important Dates


  • Tuesday 18th June
    Voter Registration deadline

    Register online, and if you need to, check your eligibility first.

  • Wednesday 19th June
    Deadline to apply for a Postal Vote

    You have till 5pm on this day to apply online.

  • Wednesday 26th June
    Proxy vote and Voter ID deadlines

    Proxy Vote applications close at 5pm in particular.

  • Thursday 4th July
    General Election Day

    Polls are open from 7am until 10pm - don't forget to take ID!





What to do to vote

There are some things you need to do or check before you can vote in the General Election on the 4th July. Use the following handy checklist below! 

  Make sure you’re registered to vote by 18th June
  Check your voting location, or apply for a postal or proxy vote
  Get your photo ID ready
  Read everyone’s manifestos
  Vote on 4th July

As a student, you are allowed to be registered to vote in two different places, as long as you only cast a vote in one. Whatever address you will be living at on 4th July, make sure you’re registered to vote there! If you will be in London or Kent, but have moved since the last time you voted, make sure to re-register with your new address. Otherwise, you can register to vote by post or proxy vote (where someone else can vote on your behalf).

If you are an International student, you may be eligible to vote depending on where you're from. You can check your eligibility easily online at

Read our General Elections news article for more information about this and other elements of the General Election.





Our Greenwich Manifesto

We think it is incredibly important that students have their say and vote in the elections.

Greenwich Students’ Union wholeheartedly supports the Manifesto for our Future, created by NUS based on 10,000 students’ voices, including those at Greenwich.

Using this as a base, we have created our own Greenwich Manifesto, highlighting particular areas that we know are important to you:

  Climate Action
  International Student Support
  Cost of Living
  Investing in Education

The policies in this manifesto were discussed and endorsed by elected GSU Officers, and GSU Student Assembly. They highlight the aims and priorities for Greenwich students in the coming General Election and highlight where all parties should be delivering for all students.

We encourage you to share the Greenwich Manifesto with your local candidates, and we've written up a template email for you to use here.





Links and resources

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Check if you can register to vote and which elections you can vote in. 

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On this page, you can find out more about the NUS Manifesto for our Future and Turn Up campaigns.

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Another easy way to check if you are eligible to vote.

How to vote: Photo ID you'll need - GOV.UK ( 
Details about identification you need to take with you to the polling booth.

Get your FREE Voter ID via CitizenCard - NUS UK
Register to get a photo ID for voting.

Who Can I Vote For?
Find out about candidates in your local area.

Voting Counts: Your UK election questions answered
Accessible information and tools to understand the General Election.

Resource for Student Leaders
General Election guidance for Greenwich Student Leaders.