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Solo- Self Tying Exploration

Event run by Greenwich Students' Union
Thursday 27 January 2022
5pm - 6:30pm
GSU Boardroom (Greenwich)

We often see rope bondage as a partnered activity, though it is becoming more popular to explore playing with rope as a solo practice. I like to think of rope simply as an extension of our hands and of ways to touch, a tool to work with to receive sensation across our bodies and listen to our physical and emotional needs. 


How might it feel to wrap yourself up in a big hug that extends across your body? To be able to control and apply pressure, expansion, and compression to your body in the places that feel good for you? With the type of intention, touch and pace that feels good for you? 


Self-tying can become practice of creating intentional space and time to explore sensation, pleasure, and connection with yourself in a way that feels intuitively right for you. There are many possibilities to experiment with through self-tying, sometimes it could be a sensual or kinky practice, other times meditative and comforting, sometimes it can be fun to simply to explore the creative artistic aspects, all ways are valid. It is a practice of listening and communicating with yourself, what do you want to say? Learning to the self-tie also gives you the basics and skills you would need to explore this with a partner, with the bonus of understanding how it feels from the inside.


You are invited to take part in this session at a pace that feels good for you, suggestions and possibilities will be offered to support and guide your exploration.


 We will cover


  • Practices to check in with our body, our needs and desires emotionally and physically
  • Exploring tension and placement 
  • Prompts to for confident and creative freestyling


Note: Rope will be provided for this session. Very tight jeans or tight rigid material can be uncomfortable to tie over or move in, wear whatever you feel comfortable in. 


There will always be alternative options offered to make suggestions for tying accessible and comfortable, you can participate in this workshop standing, seated, and sitting on the floor. If there are any questions regarding accessibility or needs I should be aware of prior to the session please get in touch.