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Members Meeting

Event run by Greenwich Students' Union
Tuesday 08 December 2020
4pm - 5pm
Online via Teams

What is the Members Meeting?

The Members Meeting is an open invitation to all our 20,000 Greenwich students to attend an open forum to discuss and assess the direction of the Students’ Union.

Why should I attend? 

This Members Meeting is particularly important to review the SU finances/spending across its services and approve a new constitution for the entire charity. Further to this, the impact of our work is presented to attendees along with a progress report on the 2020/2021 Student Priorities. Student Priorities are specific work streams that have been actioned upon by you for the SU to work on to address your needs and improve your academic experience. 

Members Meeting will be conducted through an Exhibition, presentations, verbal reports and open table forums- giving you a wide range of ways to get involved and have your voice heard! 

How does the Students’ Union represent me?

The Students’ Union is a democratic organisation ran by students for students to represent student views to the University at all levels and to provide support services for its members.

We seek to empower our members and ourselves, ensuring we all increase our capacity to live well and find enrichment in our work. This is a great opportunity to ensure the Students Union is run for you by raising your voice and drive the direction the organisation takes for the year ahead through its leadership and members decisions.  

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