PANDEMIC Club - Books, Films, Podcasts and more!

Monday 13 April 2020
midnight - 11:59pm

Hi everyone!

We are Annie and Nele, both second-year students at Greenwich. When we don’t study Creative Writing (Annie) and Eng. Literature (Nele), we make the best coffee in Greenwich - at Change, our student-led café on campus. Since we, due to COVID-19, cannot provide you with delicious coffee and cake at the moment, we joined forces with Joe (Avery Hill Campus Development Manager) and founded the PANDEMIC CLUB.

The club is a digital book/film/discussion forum for anyone who loves to read, watch films, listen to audiobooks and Ted talks, or all of these things combined. The concept is easy: Everyone is welcome. We choose a book we’re all interested in, a movie we always wanted to watch or your favourite audiobook/talk – and make sure it’s available online and for free. Then we all read/watch/listen and meet online to discuss, share favourite bits, ask questions - before choosing our next book/movie/talk. Basically, a digital book club that’s not limited to books- we can discuss anything that you’re interested in!

You can hop in and out as you please, participate in the online sessions or not - just as much commitment as you want. We simply hope that THE PANDEMIC CLUB helps to provide some company and entertainment in these strange times.

If you are interested, have suggestions for material or any questions, please let us know!



E-Mail: (drop us an email if you can't access us via Facebook or Instagram)

Annie, Joe and Nele