Village Shop, Avery Hill

Saturday 16 May 2020
8:30am - 9pm
Avery Hill

The Village Shop is on the Avery hill Campus, Southwood site, in between the Students’ Union office and Laundry Room.

The shop offers a wide range of affordable hot food and drink, sandwiches, cold drinks, cakes, pastries, groceries, Oyster card top up service and many more. We’re proud to serve Starbucks Coffee in the shop too. Feel free to come down and enjoy one of their breakfast or lunchtime meal deals, whatever tickles your fancy.

Opening times:

  • Monday: 8.30am – 9pm
  • Tuesday: 8.30am – 9pm
  • Wednesday: 8.30am – 9pm
  • Thursday: 8.30am – 9pm
  • Friday: 8.30am – 9pm
  • Saturday: 12pm – 7pm
  • Sunday: 12pm – 7pm