Elections: Campaigning for change

Event run by Greenwich Students' Union
Tuesday 20 February 2024
11am - noon
The Boardroom, Dreadnought Building

  • Greenwich
  • GSU
  • Representation


 In this session, we will cover:

Crafting Your Vision: Learn how to articulate a compelling vision that resonates with voters. Discover the art of storytelling to inspire and engage voters, outlining your campaign points.

Navigating the Nomination Process: From filing paperwork to understanding deadlines, we will guide you through each step, ensuring you are well-prepared for the campaign trail.

Effective Communication Strategies: Master the art of communication—whether it's through speeches, debates, or social media. Explore techniques to convey your message clearly and connect with voters.

Building a Campaign Team: Understand the importance of a strong support system. Learn how to assemble a dedicated campaign team, delegate responsibilities, and create a collaborative environment.

Navigating Challenges: Anticipate and overcome challenges that may arise during your campaign. Develop resilience and problem-solving skills to handle unexpected situations.

Campaign Finance Management: Learn how to manage your campaign budget effectively. 

Q&A Session: A chance to get your burning questions answered


It is mandatory to attend one of these manifesto sessions if you wish to nominate yourself in the election