Dodge Ball

Event run by Greenwich Students' Union
Thursday 30 November 2023
8pm - 11pm
David Fussey Sports Hall, Avery Hill

  • Avery Hill
  • GSU Move


Dodgeball Madness at David Fussey Sports Hall, Averyhill! 

Calling all dodgeball enthusiasts, whether you're a dodgeball ninja or a total newbie, this event is for you. It's not about your skill level; it's about having a great time.

What's in Store:

  • Friendly Vibes: Picture this – laughter, friendly banter, and some epic dodgeball action. It's all about good times with fellow dodgeball lovers.

  • All Skills Accepted: Never played before? No problem! Our crew is here to guide you through the game, and trust me, you'll catch on quick.

  • Feel the Energy: The David Fussey Sports Hall is gonna be buzzing with excitement. We're talking cheers, high-fives, and a whole lot of "dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge!"

  • We've Got the Gear: No need to haul your dodgeballs; we've got you covered. Just bring yourself, your energy, and maybe a bit of strategy.

How to Jump In:

  • No Formalities: Forget registrations and paperwork. Just show up a bit before 8:00 PM at the David Fussey Sports Hall. Easy, right?

  • Bring Your Crew: Dodgeball is a team sport, and it's more fun with friends. Grab your squad, and let the dodgeball madness begin.

Hang Out After the Game: Once the dodgeball dust settles, stick around for some post-game chit-chat. We're all about making connections and sharing some post-dodgeball stories.