Medway Students

Medway Students are those who are attending the University of Greenwich while studying at the Medway campus. Medway students are represented by the Students’ Union of the University of Greenwich if they attend the University of Greenwich, however they are also represented by Greenwich and Kent Students' Unions (GKSU).

GKSU is a dedicated and tailored Students' Union service for Greenwich and Kent students studying at Medway.

GKSU offers more services at Medway campus, as Greenwich Students' Union (GSU) is primarily based between Avery Hill and Greenwich campuses.

This means that as a Medway student, you can access the services of both GKSU and GSU. 

GKSU provides an Advice Service, Societies, Sports Clubs, and activities, all on the Medway campus that all Medway students can access. 

The website for the partnership can be found at Also, you can contact the GKSU team on 01634 888989 or visit them in the Student Hub on Medway Campus (between Drill Hall Library and the Sport Hall). 

Medway campus Societies

Medway students are encouraged to join the student groups and activities run through GKSU on the GKSU website. 

Medway student

Medway Academic Representation

Your course is your priority. Every course has a Student Representative who is there to support you. Discover more about Academic Representation at Medway.

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Medway Bus

You can now book your bus tickets online and you must do this in advance.

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The Students’ Union Advice Services at Greenwich and Medway give free, independent and confidential advice to University of Greenwich students on academic and welfare problems. We will not report what you have told us to the University, unless you want us to, or in rare situations (particularly if your welfare is at serious risk). See: The only thing we cannot advise on is your Student Visa or Immigration status. Students seeking advice on visa or immigration issues should contact the University International Student Advice Service (ISAS) for assistance.
For further information, please see
All students are entitled to support from the Study Skills tutors at the University. There are also a lot of online resources. See: for details.
If you want to practice your English conversational skills, find out about Language Connect groups at . These groups are available for all students.
In our opinion, nearly all international students have the skills to communicate effectively if they’ve got the confidence. The Language Connect groups are a great way to build your confidence, and help you take part in academic and social group activities.