Frequently asked questions

We've put together all the answers you might need about running your student group.


Money & Purchasing

You can spend your group funds on any group activity/outings. The group’s funding is not allowed to be spent on alcohol. To access your funds when purchasing something, you must either send the SU an invoice, agree to use an SU credit card, or pay yourself and claim the funding back.


All student groups have a generated account which is where their sponsorship money, ticket income and any additional funds will be sent to. Generated accounts roll-over every academic year. For Societies, their membership income will also go into this generated account. Only Sports teams have an expenditure account, and this is where their membership income will go.


The SU can help your student group get sponsorships, they know of current links that the university may have and can help you word a sponsorship deal. They also have a template sponsorship proposal and sponsorship contract that they can send to you.


No, the groups' funds should not be spent on alcohol but rather on all-inclusive activities, kit, merchandise, outings, etc.


Yes absolutely! We encourage raising money for charities of your choice. In the past, bake sales, comedy nights and ‘pie the Officer’ have all taken place in order to raise money, all very successful as well! As GSU is a charity itself, please inform us if you intend to fundraise for any other charitable organisation.


When Sports clubs need new stash/merch, you will need to email Kayleigh with the details and how much you want to order. This will come out your generated budget. For kit you will need to email Kayleigh with details and evidence that you need more as all teams were given kit last season. For new players wanting to buy their own personal kit, they can go onto the Sturridge website and order from there.


For an invoice to be accepted by GSU, the following needs to be on it:
1. Date of invoice submission
2. Name and address of company/individual
3. Contact email and number
4. Invoice number
5. Addressed to current member of staff or Society with full name and address of GSU
6. PO/customer number (if applicable)
7. Full description of services with any associated dates/hours
8. One of the following: Company number/VAT number/UTR number (for self-employed)
9. Current bank details for the specific company or individual.



Sports fixtures and training

To claim back travel, you will need to fill out a claim form which can be found in the Societies and Sports club handbook. Fill out the form and provide proof of travel and either send by email or print and hand it into the Activities team. The claim will be in your account roughly 2 weeks after.


If your team does not have enough players but you still want to play with fewer members, then please proceed as normal. If you do not want to play the fixture with fewer members then please contact Kayleigh and inform the other team of your withdrawal. There is a limit on how many walkovers you can have.


Yes, your team can hire a professional coach if your team has the right budget to pay the coach.


Your coach/instructor will need to provide the GSU with an invoice. All the requirements for this are detailed in a separate FAQ.


Yes, the SU can provide funds for coaching qualifications in returns for volunteer hours to coach. This is done on a case-by-case basis.


You will need to fill out an incident form explaining everything that happened when the incident happened.


To enter an induvial sporting competition, email the Activities team with your application form. The form and information required can be found on the Activities Representation Fund can be found in the handbook. If you are entering a BUCS competition, you will need to register with BUCS and activate your account with them, find the link here:


BUCS playwaze is a platform that you will find all your fixtures and results on. If you are a member of a Sports club, then you will need to sign up as a player to see the fixtures. The home team will need to input the result of the fixture.


A member of your team will need to pick up your match day pack at Avery Hill reception Wednesday morning. Meet at the location your team have agreed and head to your game altogether!


If you have a fixture secretary, then they will need to book the refs/umpire/officials. If you do not have a fixture secretary, then your captains need to book the refs/umpire/officials.


No, the SU has a strict no missing lectures for a fixture. The University should not schedule lectures on a Wednesday afternoon, so players are able to play.



Concerns and problems

If you are unhappy with the SU, the next point of call is to contact your Sports/Societies Exec and they will be able to advise you and possibly help you with any issues/queries. If they are unable to help you, speak to the GSU Officers who are elected to represent the students in all issues. Alternatively, the GSU website also has links to ‘make a complaint’ or to ‘make a suggestion’ at the bottom of the homepage.


If you have an issue with your committee or a member, you can schedule a meeting with the Activities Team to discuss your issue. They will help to resolve the problem.


If you have tried to talk to your committee about helping the member or they aren’t responding, you can contact the Activities Team and they will help you to resolve the problem. GSU also runs a confidential Advice Service, separate to the University, who may be able to assist you.


Although the committee member has been elected to run/take responsibility of their role for the Society, they are not the only person who can do the role. If you see they are struggling, then you can offer to help them and take on any tasks that may need doing and support them in any way you can. Please feel free to let the Activities Team know, who may also be able to find additional support.



Students' Union Support

The SU focus on everything student activities, such as Sport clubs, Societies, democracy and representation. They focus on student life outside the classroom and your academic studies. Whereas the University focus heavily on the provision of your academic studies and everything that comes with it, the Library, the IT labs and more! A crucial role of the Students’ Union is to challenge the University to improve, and to work alongside the University to create the best student experience possible.


GSU Officers are elected students who have finished their degrees or are taking time out of their studies. They are there to implement new ideas, support student-led activities and members, represent your voice in every aspect and improve university life/facilities. If you have any ideas to improve the university or student representation, please contact your Full-Time Officers, details can be found on the website here.


The SU are open from 10am-5pm Monday to Friday and able to be contacted in several ways! The GSU staff are always accessible via email so drop them a quick email and they should reply to you in two working days. Avery Hill and Greenwich both have receptionists which have their own unique numbers and emails as well. They all also have a phone number which can be found on the GSU website: The Activities Team and Full-Time Officers all have their own work Facebook so drop them a message and they will reply as soon as they can! If all else fails, pop into the GSU offices and chat with them face to face. Their offices can be found on the Greenwich campus, in the Dreadnought Building or next to the Village Shop on the Avery Hill campus.


Medway is our third Campus here at the University which has the Faculty of Engineering & Health Sciences. Our Medway campus shares their SU with Kent University! This is called GK Unions, Greenwich and Kent Unions together.



For Societies, your membership money goes into your generated account that can be spent on your members, merchandise, kit and activities.For Sports clubs, your membership money goes towards your expenditure account (explained above).


Recruiting new members is important and often easier than you may think! If you do not have any social media accounts, then this could be a great place to start - post about your Club/team/Society and that you need more people. You can also post in the Freshers pages on Facebook explaining a bit about your student group and post a link so new members can find their way to your page easier! Additionally, you are very welcome to organise events and advertising opportunities – which the GSU staff team can help to organise.


The best way to engage with a wider range of student is to ensure you post on all your social media. Post about your student group activities and upcoming activities to encourage students to come along. You could also put up posters in designated areas to attract wider range of students. Make sure to look into the demographic of the students in your group, and the times that you organise your activities. It may be that moving the occasional activity to a different time or campus could really help engage with more students.



Lower Deck

The Lower Deck have lots of facilities available to all Student Groups. They have three different rooms available to book out for your group's needs. In the past, meet & greets have been hosted there, takeover nights and comedy/charity nights as well. Within the group handbook, there is a form to book spaces and request events at the Lower Deck. You can email Lower Deck on this email outlining everything you may need.


Yes, the Lower Deck offer sponsorships at the beginning of each academic year. But don’t worry, even if you don’t receive sponsorship, they are more than happy to work with you on your events and activities!



Event Organisation

Through the GSU website, there is a link in the drop-down menu called “book a room” which takes you to the booking page and you can easily follow the instructions and book a room. Alternatively, feel free to contact either of our GSU reception teams.


Social media is a strong tool to use to advertise your group and events. All student groups should have a couple of social media channels to promote themselves. You can also ask the SU to print some posters and put them up in designated poster areas. Equally, GSU runs a number of electronic screens in the Dreadnought building / Lower Deck, which can also be used to advertise your group. Dimensions are 2880px by 1920px for these screens.


Firstly, talk with your committee to understand the outcomes and the logistics of your event. Secondly, talk to the SU to see if they can help in any way, e.g. venue booking, materials/equipment needed, etc. If the SU can help, work alongside them to ensure your event is successful. The Lower Deck have an easy booking form that is useful if you want your event to take place in the student bar.


Yes, GSU can print off materials for your group events. There is a limit on printing allowance but please email the Activities Team and they can advise/guide you.


Risk Assessments need to be completed when any activity is off-campus or has not been completed by any other student group before in the past. If you are trying something new or potentially risky – contact the SU, and they will inform you if a risk assessment needs to be completed.


When organising an event off-campus event, a risk assessment will need to be completed, and an itinerary and attendance list will need to be sent to the GSU. Drafts for these can be found in the Committee Hub, or through contacting the Activities Team.


Yes, the GSU have got means to support catering for events. Change can provide food and drinks for events with at least 72 hours’ notice and the GSU can order catering from either the University or from an external shop. Speak to the GSU Activities Team for more information.


Tickets can be made available on the GSU website. You will need to create an event on the GSU website and then contact the GSU to create a ticket for your event.


Some groups will have a designated tour/event secretary who will organise your group’s tour, often alongside other teams who want to go. The group of leaders will choose the location, timings and company to go with for tour. Speak to the GSU and your tour/event secretaries.


GSU will need to complete a guest speaker check – and as such, you will need to provide them with the following details for your guest: name, contact details, the organisation they are from, and the topic/purpose of their visit. This will be checked and approved by the GSU Activities Team.



Committees & Democracy

There a couple of ways that a student group can run an election. The first way is online; there will be a period of time on your student group GSU website that you will be able to nominate yourself to run for a specific position. To nominate yourself, you will need to include a picture and little manifesto. This section will be open for a week. The following week will be open for voting. This means members of your student group will be able to vote for the person they believe is most suited to each position open. The voting will close and the results will be sent by the GSU team. The second option is to do the election physically. The people putting themselves forward for a position will stand up and give a small speech and people will vote for their preferred person either online or on a piece of paper. The voting results will be announced on the evening. Either way, please ensure to let the GSU team know that you require and intend to run an election.


If a committee member steps down, they will need to talk to the rest of their committee and decide between them whether they want to run another election or fill the position according to past election results.


Yes! We encourage to put yourself out there and your achievements. Post on your social media about all the great things you have done within your role as Group Leaders. Societies and Sports clubs both have awards ceremonies where student groups and individuals get recognition for their hard work.


Group Leaders Conference is where all group leaders will be told about the rules and regulations of how to run a student group. It will also give you an insight into what you can achieve and the disciplinaries if you go against the code of conduct.


The Code of Conduct can be found in the activity’s office for your student group which should be all signed or it can be found in the Societies or Sports club handbook.


Yes, placement students may be on the committee – however, this is at the discretion of the Activities Team.



Kit and Equipment

Send an email to Kayleigh ( outlining what you will need for your Student group.


Yes, you can store equipment in the Greenwich Dreadnought storeroom, Avery Hill Office and the 3G storage next to the 3G pitch. Please be sure to contact the Activities Team about this.




You can edit your groups’ website through the GSU website. Once you log in, in the right-hand corner there is an “admin” button you click on the drop-down to your organisations and click on “edit details”.


Only committee members have admin access to the group through the GSU website and the committee members will have had to complete the compulsory Group Leaders Training and signed the Code of Conduct.