Still struggling?

1. Are you paying extra for loans or debts? Did you know that the University finance team can refer you for help from specialist debt advisors. To book an appointment please email

For more information visit

2. If you’re still struggling, speak to us or the University Student Finance team about hardship funds or the Students' Union Advice Team. Remember that our advice is confidential: we won’t talk about your situation with other people unless you want us to act as an advocate for you.

3. Don’t get into more debt to try to pay off your existing debts. Our experience is that students get into worse problems by doing this. Speak to an Adviser early enough, and we may be able to suggest alternatives. But whatever stage you’re at, speak to an Adviser. We can help you make informed choices on managing your money, and help you to take action. Students we’ve helped tell us that we make a difference. What have you got to lose?

4. Apply for Hardship Funds from the University. If you’re eligible, Hardship Funds can help you manage in an emergency while we’re helping you to take control of your finances.