I’m Josh and I have been a member of the Hockey team and Team Greenwich. 

What has your experience been like as a sports club member?

As someone who has played sports their entire life, joining a University sports team proved to be a surprisingly a new experience.

I met people from loads of different backgrounds. I grew up playing sports with people with a similar background and lifestyle to me and it proved a bit of a challenge, but adapting was something that I enjoyed and I learned about so many new and different people, it’s been great.

What was your proudest moment?

I think my proudest moment is being part of the mixed hockey team that, whilst full of fresher's who had little hockey experience, finished second in the league! This may not seem a big achievement but being able to witness a group like ours come together and really compete against a university like LSE, who boast 3 men's hockey teams and 2 women's, was really something to be proud of.

Would you recommend new students to join hockey? 

I've made some of my best friends as part of the hockey team and through them I have been able to meet other people from Team Greenwich who have become some of my closest friends. In my first year of university I wasn't part of any team, I went to class and then sat in my room, I spoke only with my coursemates and flatmates and I thought that was a good university experience. During my second year I moved in with the Chairman of the hockey team. He introduced me to the club and whilst I rarely played during the year I still went out with them and felt part of it.

I can't imagine, nor do i want to, what University would be like if i hadn't become a part of Team Greenwich. It totally changed my University experience.

How can someone join your group? It’s simple, just login into the Student Union website using your university username and buy a membership from the Hockey page. The membership covers everything we do all year. If you’re not sure, come and talk to us during the Welcome Fairs .