Nap Time Society

The perfect gateway society

Who are we?

University can be daunting. And Stressful. 

NapSoc wants to provide a safe quiet space where you can come to hang out, study or take a nap. We will have board games and hot drinks, so pop by! 

Lots of people go in with high expectations, which are not always met, especially when it comes to the typical American college experience we all secretly love and want. Nap Time society is a place for you to breathe, meet people in a laid back environment (not including Mario kart tournaments) and take the encouraged nap to escape university stress!

Societies are such an amazing part of university, however, it can be terrifying joining them. This is where NapSoc comes to the rescue (or at least mild aid)! We will be doing joint events with other societies, so instead of going in alone, we go in together!

We are planning several field trips throughout the year including museum trips, petting zoos, and other places that are just more fun together!

Can't wait to see you at our meet and greet on October 1st!


We currently have two different types of membership:
    The Basic membership lets you join in on all our meetings and events! 
    The Partner membership gives you guaranteed access to our limited-ticket events along with an active voice in what activities and events we host!


See below for all the positions we currently have available:

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Meet and Greet!
MR026 (Dreadnought)
Our first ever meet and greet! Feel free to bring blankets; free tea and coffee and the skittle competition winner will be revealed. Try your hand at organised crime with a game of mafia, or not, participation is voluntary. See you there!