Nathalie Grigorenko

LGBTQ+ Society  President

I’m Nathalie and I used to be the secretary of the LGBTQ+-Society, but I was just elected President of the LGBTQ+-Society

What has your experience been like as a society member?

In my experience, joining a society does not only create new opportunities for you, but it also makes it possible for you to meet people you probably wouldn't have run into by accident. These people can even become your best friends.

Societies at Greenwich are open everyone and I believe that the societies being this open is underrated and overlooked by many. Seeing people finding new friends as well as feeling safe and at home at university is something that I have loved, and it is also something I wish everyone could experience. That is why I believe it's so important for the societies to develop and reach more students. 

What was your proudest moment?

My proudest moment as a society member was when the committee organised an annual meeting. I know it does not sound that interesting, but it was a step in the right direction for the society as it has developing left to do. The annual meeting allowed the committee to propose new ideas through the members instead of just doing creating events or campaigns that nobody except the committee feel passionate about.  

Would you recommend new students to join your society? 

Not only is the LGBTQ+-Society like a family that is there for each other at all times, but it is also an amazing place to express our opinions and grow as a person. By joining the society you can find new friends, create new ideas, develop yourself, and stand up for human right. If not here and now, when are you going to do all these things?