Brandon Steven Caiza Cadena

We introduce you to Brandon who is a BA (Hons) Advertising and Digital Marketing Communication student.

Being creative has kept Brandon busy during the Covid-19 pandemic and he uses his hobbies to reduce stress whilst he studies.

Are you part of any Societies?

I am currently a member of the Marketing society.

I am quite an active person which has led me to play football every Saturdays and unfortunately, I was not able to join the Football Club due to COVID-19.

What should we know about you?

My biggest hobby is designing. I started my own business called “Stevnz Design” in which I design logos, digital drawings, edits and many more services. This hobby started from a young age and just recently I decided to take the step to use my talent to help small businesses with their designs.

Instagram: @StevnzDesign

Facebook: @Stevnzdesign

What attracted you to Greenwich?

What attracted me to go Greenwich was that it was one of the best universities to study Marketing in London. The excellent reviews from previous members which studied at Greenwich was also crucial in choosing Greenwich as my first choice.

What makes you Proud to be GRE?

As a student at Greenwich, what makes me proud of the university is how much people love the campuses and the fact that the university is trying to become the best in London for Marketing.

Do you have any advice for any new students starting?

My advice is that at the start of the year, the work may be overwhelming and thoughts like dropping out will appear. It is okay to feel like this as it may be your first time studying at university level. My advice and how I overcame it was by not forgetting to have time doing what you love (hobbies) as this will allow you to break away from the stress for a while.

What are your future goals?

I would like to graduate in my undergraduate course and after I would like to complete a master’s in marketing or in graphic design.

What has lockdown taught you?

Lockdown has taught me that if you want anything in life, you cannot wait for it to come to you. This applies to me starting my own business and it also applies to my first year which was mainly online.


picture of Brandon