Networks and Reps

Medway Networks

Networks build communities and help lift up their voices.

Networks are a way to provide a dedicated space for a particular group of students to meet, socialise, and foster a community. At the same time, it is a way to promote and raise awareness of the distinct voice of that community, if there are any issues specifically facing that community, and what approaches can be made to change this.

Through sharing experiences, we hope to bring new perspectives and ideas that helps drive change to ensure that Medway is welcoming to all.

There are a range of networks to join...

  • Accessibility Network
  • Activities Network
  • BAME Network
  • Buddy Network
  • Commuting Students Network
  • Eco Team
  • International Students Network
  • Mature & Postgraduate Students Network
  • Student Parents Network


To get more information, email the Medway Campus Engagement Manager.



Representatives, or Reps, act as the link between you, your Union and your University.

They are volunteer representatives that are the first port of call for any suggestions, comments or queries about the academic experience. They will act as your advocate during the academic journey and you can approach them with concerns regarding course content, feedback, resources, or exams which they will pass on to the relevant staff or change-makers. They will work in teams to represent all students in that cohort. They also have the chance to sit on decision-making committees at various levels to be a part of the conversation, provide new ideas and enact positive change for students.

Reps are recruited in September and their contacts will be posted on this website. In the meantime, you can contact the Medway Campus Engagement Manager with any questions or feedback.