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Coming to University can be a massive change - we’ve got your back the whole way. Below are some tips and tricks to settling in and some answers to some of the most frequently questions.

If we’ve missed something out never fear, get in touch! We are your Students’ Union, we were set up to help you from the start to the end of you time here at Greenwich.

Our Advice Service is a free, independent and confidential service and assisting on academic, legal and practical problems. No problem is too big or too small for them to tackle so get in touch now or look out for their Wellbeing checks during Welcomefest


Before you Arrive

The University should have timetables available for your course through your applicants portal, and your Students' Union has a wide range of events and activities where you can have fun, relax, and meet new people! Our lovely Welcome Ambassadors will also be available on campus to help you find your way around.

Yes! Click on each event in the Events Timetable to see what tickets are on sale.

We receive your data from the University once you've registered. If you're starting in 2018/19, Online Registration with the University starts on 21st August. To use our website before we get your details, you need to create a New Student Account.

To set up a New Student account, go to and choose New Student Account. Once you've completed registration, your account will be converted into a Current Student account. Any problems, just email

Don’t be scared! University is a great new independent start and a chance for you to make new friends. Be open minded and chat with other students - some people will end up becoming your best friends and others will be completely different to you. If we were all alike the world would be very boring place. Welcomefest is all about making new friends.

Check out your Students’ Union’s events and activities, get along to all your course meetings and socials, and don't worry. You’ll know your way around and will have settled in no time! If you need someone to talk to, the Student’s Union offers a free Advice Service and you can pop in and visit one of our friendly Advisers.

Make sure you’ve paid the deposit! Accommodation not secured until it’s been paid. It is always best to check with your relevant Accommodation Office to see what is already provided for you before you compile a list of things.

Yes! We recommend signing up to your local Freecycle groups. They are full of local residents giving away quality goods which they no longer need! You can find all sorts of things on the site, including free TV’s and bicycles!

When you Arrive

Part 1 of registration is done online before you arrive, using login details that the University will email to you. The University has more information about this at

Part 2 of registration is done in person at one of during Welcome. You can upload a photo for your student card during Part 1 registration, but usually you’ll have your photo take during Part 2 – so be prepared for how you look that day to be on your card for the duration of your course! Registration Part 2 is at different times in specially set up Registration Halls, which are normally in use as other rooms.

The University will have more details available on their registration webpage closer to the time, and we’ll have Welcome Ambassadors and signs on campus to help you when you arrive! If you’re having problems with any stage of registration then the University has a helpline which you can email or call.

We receive your data from the University once you've registered. If you're starting in 2018/19, Online Registration with the University starts on 21st August. To use our website before we get your details, you need to create a New Student Account.

To set up a New Student account, go to and choose New Student Account. Once you've completed registration, your account will be converted into a Current Student account. Any problems, just email

Greenwich Students' Union has two main Receptions; one in Greenwich in Cooper Building (King William Walk) until 17th September, and then the new student hub in Dreadnought; and one in Avery Hill in Jane Seymour Court (next to the Village Shop and The Dome). If you’re living or studying at Medway, please visit the GK Unions office, which is based in the Student Hub. Full addresses, directions and telephone numbers are listed here.

University operates a frequent inter-campus bus service for students and staff to use which travels between Greenwich, Avery Hill and Medway campuses. Prices: the Greenwich to Avery Hill bus service is free to use, however there is a small fee for services to and from Medway.

Tickets for the Medway service must be purchased before travelling, and you can purchase these from the Students’ Union and John Smiths shops. The full University bus service timetable for the academic year can be viewed here.

Of course! All University of Greenwich students are welcome to take part in any of the activities and events at any of our campuses. However, we are aware that Medway is a bit further away from Greenwich and Avery Hill, and so over at Medway there is also 'Greenwich & Kent Students' Unions Together' - where we work with Kent Union to make sure the students from both Universities at Medway campus have events, activities, and support closer to home. Check out GK Unions’ Facebook page for more information, Welcome events listings, and to meet fellow Medway students.

Firstly, you should make an appointment to meet a member of the Disability Support Team. They will ask you to provide evidence, which may include teachers’ reports and/or Educational Psychologists' reports. With your consent, the Disability Support Team will then be able to put some support in place. They may advise you to apply for an up-to-date Educational Psychological Assessment. A new assessment can be arranged via DST.

Settling In

Use our Events Timetable to make sure you don’t miss the things you really want to see and do. We’re hosting loads of events, trips, and activities throughout Welcome, so get involved!

Alternativeyly, visit our main website. You can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to receive regular updates from us! Our full time Student Officers also have facebook and twitter accounts for regular updates on what they are doing for you.

Want to escape from work, play sports or socialise over something you’re passionate about? Why not join one of our student groups? Or if there’s something you’re interested in but no student group covers it yet, then you can start your own!

Student groups are a great way to meet people, try new things, and settle into Uni life! Our clubs and societies will be holding meet and greets, trials, taster sessions, meetings and events all year, so even if you miss out on the Welcome events then you can still easily get involved with any of our groups. Societies are based around your interests – whether related to your course, music, media, culture, religion, faith, campaigning, support, hobbies, or just an area of interest, there’s loads to get involved in!

Sports Clubs will be holding their trials for their teams shortly after Welcome don’t think that you can’t play just because you aren’t at a top level! Sports clubs are a great way of meeting new people and keeping fit, so give them a try, and don’t worry too much about what team you get in to – sports are more than just taking part in the match.

Click here to find more information about the Welcome fairs. You will pick up loads of information about the Students’ Union and the University, find out about local jobs and also grab loads of great freebies from local and national companies.

Find out more the Totum card here. It's the new discount card run by NUS Extra. It will then be delivered to campus for you to collect from either our Greenwich or Avery Hill Reception (depending on which you choose!).

Room numbers usually correspond to floor level, e.g. room 001 = ground floor; room 101 = first floor; room 201 = second floor. A prefix may be used to indicate which building, e.g. QA001 = Queen Anne, room 001; KW001 = King William, room 001. See below for the building abbreviations:


Avery Hill

  • B - Bronte
  • DF - David Fussey
  • F - Fry
  • G - Grey
  • H - Honeycombe
  • M - Mansion
  • S - Mary Seacole
  • SF - Sparrows Farm
  • T - Tower



  • D - Dreadnought
  • KW - King William
  • OB - Old Baths (Woolwich)
  • AQ - Queen Anne
  • QM - Queen Mary
  • SL - Stephen Lawrence
  • SS - Stockwell Street



  • A - Anson
  • B - Blake
  • DA - Drill Hall
  • G - Grenville
  • H - Hawke
  • J - Jellicoe
  • L - Link
  • N - Nelson
  • P - Pembroke
  • PK - Pilkington

Make a weekly budget and more importantly - stick to it! Try to limit your expenditure when you go out during the day and at night. Take into account the large one-off payments and deduct from your overall budget, to leave aside what you’re living on from week to week. Don’t forget to budget for things like using your Oystercard to travel, phone bills, toiletries and stuff to clean your home, and programme related things like books, notepads and pens!

Only withdraw the amount that you have budgeted for. If you only take a small amount of money out with you, you will find that you will only spend that, and only take your bank card with you in case of emergencies - otherwise you’ll be tempted to go over your budget. If you have a smartphone, we’d suggest downloading your bank’s online banking app so you can keep track of your outgoings with ease, and if you can’t do this, then make sure you check your account statements regularly.

The University Student Finance department also have lots of advice for new and continuing students, and offer help like Money Doctors and simple, easy advice from their trained staff.

If you don’t already have a bank account, go to your local branch and open one. Most banks give good freebies when you open or switch to a student account, such as railcards or music downloads – these are great, but don’t be swayed just by these! Think carefully about what you need, especially your overdraft, and where the nearest branches are. has good in-depth information, and we’ve pulled together information on local banks online here.

The University has provided a list of local medical centres or you can check on the NHS website by entering your postcode.

If you’re taking anything expensive with you, like bikes, laptops, jewellery or other electronics, then definitely get insurance! Endsleigh have special student insurance deals that are tailored for whether you’re living in halls, shared accommodation or at home.

If you’re taking a TV with you and plan to watch live TV (not a catch-up service, but directly watching the channels) then you will need to purchase a TV license – don’t count on not having a visit from the TV License people, they especially look out for students! For more information or to buy at TV license visit

Don’t forget that your Students’ Union Advice service is here for you if you have any problems – we have drop-in sessions and you can book appointments, so don’t feel like you’re on your own. For information on the service and helpful information on a range of issues then visit