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Our vision.

With you to make the most of your journey at Greenwich.

Our mission.

We empower students to have life-changing experiences, which help them shape their futures and the world around them.

Our values.

Empowering, Courageous, Dedicated, Trusted and Approachable.

Our goals.

Empower you to change the world, and have a great time at Greenwich.


Our Strategy now

Greenwich Students' Union has been on a journey over the last few years.

The Big Plan was our strategy from 2017-20, and our first formal plan to grow our Union.

The plan was created through research and consultation with our members, broken down into eight areas of focus: Representing You, Influencing the University, Giving You a Wider Influence, Your Health and Wellbeing, Your Employability, Your Community, Managing Your Money, and Your Local Community.

The Big Plan was due to end in July 2020 and we had started working on a new strategy to launch for 2020/21. However, this, alongside many other things, had to be paused due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As we manoeuvred the SU offer in line with the guidance in the Spring and Summer term, GSU Officers – outgoing and incoming – and GSU staff worked on an operational plan that would steer the Union through a year of unpredictability, whilst we recovered from the impact of the changes brought on by the pandemic.

During the spring and summer of 2020, we conducted research through our first Covid Impact Survey ( and collated feedback to Officers to create priorities for work across our staff teams. Our extended Big Plan focused on five key areas, continuing in the same vein as our previous themes: Learning, Employment, Mental Health, Money, and Co-curricular.



Our new plan

We are finishing the process of completing our new strategy that will start in August 2021. Our plan looks ahead five years to 2026 with bold outcomes to ensure students are even more supported throughout their University journey, have a quality education, get opportunities to explore throughout, and leave university life ready full of confidence and resilience. 

The University of Greenwich, our home institution, has recently launched its new strategy called This Is Our Time, and our new strategy will align to ensure our members are getting the best out of both sides of our partnership. The University's strategy has the following five priorities: Student Success, Inclusivity and Culture, Impactful Research and Knowledge Exchange, and Connected and Sustainable Campuses. They want to be the best modern University, and we're aiming to be the best modern SU to match. 

In line with our strategy development, we are re-embedding our values and ensuring a fresh framework is applied. Following staff feedback, we will be adding Inclusive as a GSU value alongside Empowering, Courageous, Dedicated, Trusted and Approachable. We will be relentless and deliberate in practising our core values as we move forward in 2021 and beyond.



Our Impact

At Greenwich Students’ Union (GSU), we have regular conversations about the impact of what we’re doing. These have been particularly key as we've navigated our way through the pandemic to ensure we're doing the best for our members and supporting their journey at Greenwich to the best of our ability. 

We feel that the impact of our three year Big Plan - even with the disruption brought on by Covid-19 - was positive and something to be proud of. Our last Impact Report shows the strength of our growth over the last three years, as well as being candid about where there is still room for improvement. 

We are also working towards Quality Students' Union and Green Impact accreditations to benchmark our work and get further insight into what we're doing well and how we can develop. 

We are in the process of measuring our impact throughout 2020/21; in the meantime, please check out our previous Big Plan reports.


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