Whole earth?


Greenwich Sustainability Hub Launches ‘Whole Earth?’ Exhibition to Showcase the Importance of Sustainability in the Curriculum


The Sustainability Hub at the University of Greenwich is bringing the prestigious Whole Earth? Exhibition on campus – a quest to align human and natural systems.


Whole Earth? is based upon the premise that students and universities can help lead society towards a more sustainable future. The exhibition addresses the many challenges we face when trying to tackle the world’s most pressing issues – from climate change to poverty, to refugees, to overpopulation, to food and energy security, to water and soil restoration, to biodiversity and human and indigenous rights. The exhibition shows a combination of photography and pieces of writing which provide evidence and promote bespoke University Challenges tailored to different programs of study to solve. The idea is that whatever the area of study - from engineering to fashion, from science to finance - there is a place for everyone to contribute to the debate and bring about solutions and action on these critical issues in the context of their studies or research.


The exhibition is the sequel to the critically acclaimed ‘Hard Rain’ project, which has been viewed on every continent by over 15 million people in galleries in cites, many universities, and the United Nations Headquarters.


The main outdoor exhibition was located at the Avery Hill campus, between the Bronte Building and David Fussey Building from 1st October to 15th December. We also had an indoor version of the exhibition displayed at the Heritage Gallery in Queen Ann Building on Greenwich campus from 24th September to 14th October.