We aim to ensure that all of our guests are able to enjoy themselves in the Lower Deck. We also believe that our staff have the right to be respected in the workplace. Our venue policies outline the behaviour and actions we expect at the Lower Deck.

We have six spaces available for you to book individually, or you can book the entire venue.


Accessibility // All venue policies including Lower Deck entry policy, Drug and Alcohol Misuse Policy, Responsible Drinking Policy and Procedures and Security Briefing & Security Expectations.


For ticketed events, we have a strict No ID No Entry policy. To gain entry in our venue, you need to show the following:

Student: ticket/QR code AND Student ID AND physical photo ID
Guest: ticket/QR code AND photo ID

You MUST bring photo ID to gain entry to our venues and it must show your date of birth to show proof of age.

You will find all our entry requirements for all GSU venues on the GSU website. 



We have a chargeable cloakroom only on club nights. Please speak to a member of our team if you have lost or found any possessions. You can contact us by email at lowerdeck@gre.ac.uk or visit the venue to recover lost items during our regular opening hours.


smoking and vaping

Smoking and the use of e-cigarettes are not permitted anywhere inside the venue. please use the outdoor smoking area. People caught smoking or vaping will be asked to leave the venue without a refund.


Prohibited Items

Glass inc. perfume bottles. Aerosol inc. deodorant. Chewing gum. Food and drinks. Sharp items inc. tweezers, make-up brushes, scissors, and metal combs. Illegal substances and unnecessary paraphernalia. More than two vapes and e-cigarettes. More than one stip of painkillers, unless registered to a person.


Photography Notice

Please note that during events, filming and photography for promotional purposes may be taking place. The photographs and recordings may appear on digital and printed promotional materials. If you would prefer to not be photographed, please let the photographer know.


Food & drinks

Customers are not permitted to bring their own food and drinks into the lower deck. If you require food or drink for medical reasons, please notify our team on arrival. Free drinking water is available at our bar at all times. If you have any questions about dietary information on our food please ask before ordering.


drugs and searches

We operate a zero-tolerance towards drug consumption, possession and dealing. If you are found to possess a controlled substance, you will be asked to leave the venue without a refund and may face a ban or in some cases, prosecution. Please notify our staff if you need to consume prescribed drugs for a medical reason at an event.


stop, swap and support

We want everyone to have a great time in our venue, and that means acting responsibly. Therefore, our cocktails are no more than 2 units of alcohol, we do not run happy hours or speed drinking events, and we aim to offer student-friendly pricing to prevent pre-drinking. 

Our Stop, Swap and Support campaign aims to get you to think differently about alcohol consumption

Swap to a single measure or low-alcohol alternative.

Stop drinking when you reach your limit.

Support your friends when they’ve had too much.


Expect respect

Our staff members come to work and expect respect. Please abide by our venue policies, and show respect to our staff and venue.


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