Food & Drink



Food and drink 

Food in the Lower Deck features a range of 'build your own' options including, pizza, nachos and fries. Our menu also features a range of gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options also.  
We serve a range of alcoholic and soft drinks. Our cocktails feature a range of new creations and classics. 
Here’s a sample of the type of food on offer… 



Step One: choose your base

Choose from pizza, chicken goujons and wings, Quorn bites and nuggets, wedges and fries, nachos or garlic bread. There are gluten and dairy free options available. 

Step Two: add your toppings

Add a range of meat, vegetable and sauce options for 50p - 90p (single or double portion respectively). 

Step Three: order at the bar 


Step Four: be a #foodie.

Show off your creation on social media and tag us!

Step Five: rate us online!

Leave a review on social media or Google.



Cocktails and Mocktails

Our cocktail list features some classics including Mojito, Sex on the Beach, Woo Woo and Margheritas. We also have a range of mocktails if you want something soft, fun and fruity.

Beer and Cider

A wide range on draught and bottled including Blue Moon, Carling and Peroni. 

Soft drinks

Coca Cola (regular and diet), lemonade, tonic, bottled water and Red Bull (normal and Tropical).


A wide range of vodka, tequila, gin, rum, whisky, and liqueurs 


White, red, rose and sparkling, served from 125ml to bottles