We are celebrating Black History Month by highlighting the success of Black students, staff and alumni from the University of Greenwich community.

Our programme this year includes events that will highlight Black culture, Black Women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), The Black Pound, and Black Mental Health.

We are also adding to our portraits series. In 2019, we took some portraits of Greenwich students in leadership positions both inside and outside our community, a co-author of a best-selling book, CEO of a company that supports those with Dyslexia to unlock their full potential, and University staff members who are Professors and Doctors and have been recognised for going above and beyond for students at Greenwich through our Student Led Teaching Awards. We'll be adding to these portraits during Black History Month.

Alongside Black Excellence, University of Greenwich research groups in collaboration with the Caribbean Social Forum present the exhibition "Let our Legacy Continue".  It follows 12 stories of migration from the Caribbean to the UK. It's open Tuesday-Saturday from 2-28 October at Stephen Lawrence Gallery. 


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