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Ruth Ejigayehu

Change you see, begins with you and me

Dear Student,

The following are questions I would like to continue finding the solutions to with you

Wellbeing – Greenwich has excellent well-being services and I would like you to readily access this. How can wellbeing services be more visible and accessible to all students?

Togetherness – The university and the student union are a welcoming and supportive place which nourishes and encourages community and leadership. How can we strengthen teamwork within our classes, the tutors and the university community?

Environment – At Greenwich we are passionate about restoring and protecting our environment. How can we respect and appreciate nature through tangible changes implemented into our student lives?


Response to student priorities for 2020/21 voted by you. These priorities voted by you are the ones I would like to work on
Academic changes: Communication with Lecturers
Opportunities: Course based social events

These have been areas I worked on before as an ACH Faculty Officer, Math Society Executive, NUS Delegate and BAME President. After completion of my bachelor’s degree in mathematics at Greenwich, I am now doing my teacher training in mathematics. I am Proud to Be Gre and if you would like to work on the above points with me - vote for me

Thank you

Leaders create leaders

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