elections timeline



    Monday 18th January, Midday

    Nominations are open for any Greenwich student to stand for election for either a Full-Time Officer (paid) or an NUS Delegate (unpaid). 

  • Thinking of running 

    18th january - 5th February, 9am-5pm

    We realise that running is not a decision you make without careful consideration. Therefore, you can book an informal conversation with an Officer or a member of GSU staff to get information, guidance and support in making the decision.

  • Nominations close

    Friday 5th February, 4pm

    Don't leave it to the last minute, or it might not go through!

  • Candidate List Published


    Friday 12th February, 4 pm 

    A full list of all candidates running in this year's elections will be uploaded to the SU Website.

  • Training Weeks

    8th - 19th February 

    Across these two weeks, we will be running a number of training sessions to help you with key skills you will need to run a great campaign. All sessions are free and online. Full training schedule to be uploaded shortly.

  • Manifesto Checks

    15th - 19th February

    In order to help candidates write their manifestos, we are offering you to send in your manifesto for one of the SU staff team to review and give some light feedback. You can email your manifesto to elections@gre.ac.uk with any questions you have in this week.

  • Candidate Briefings

    8th, 9th, 12th february

    If you have nominated yourself as a candidate early on to run in the GSU Elections you must attend a mandatory briefing to be confirmed as a candidate. These sessions will inform you of the rules and procedures of the election you only need to attend one. If you cannot make these please contact elections@gre.ac.uk.

  • KEY deadline!

    22nd February, 12 Midday

    All candidates must finish and submit their manifesto, any materials they want to have on the SU website, Q&A responses and Candidate Profile by this time. This allows us time to ensure you are featured in our webpages and online promotions during the elections.

  • Candidate Spotlight Week

    22nd - 26th february

    This week marks the start of the election process as we begin to highlight candidates running in the election. This week includes a number of promotional opportunities for candidates.

  • Online Hustings #1

    24th February, 4pm

    Tune in and hear your GSU Officer candidates share their views and ideas in a Q&A style live event. 

  • Candidate Q&A published

    24th February, 6pm

    Read more about each candidate and their views on crucial student issues in their own words! 

  • Candidate Catch Ups

    1st - 4th march

    In the morning of each day we will host a teams call - a great opportunity for candidates to meet in the morning, grab some breakfast and set off campaigning.

  • "Meet the Candidates" Page Launch

    25th February

    All GSU Officer candidates will have the opportunity to put their campaign materials up on the website. This will be like an online fair for the candidates.

  • voting opens

    monday 1st march, 9am

    All 20,000 students will be able to vote online at greenwichsu.co.uk/elections

  • Online Hustings #2

    Monday 1st march 6pm

    Tune in and hear your GSU Officer candidates share their views and ideas in a Q&A style live event. 

  • Voting Closes

    friday 5th March, 3pm

    Make sure you have cast your vote by this time!

  • results night

    Friday 5th march 6pm

    Online announcement and presentation of the winners of the elections.

  • NUS National Conference

    6th - 8th April Online

    NUS National Conference where our elected delegates will vote and debate on key national education issues and policy. 

  • New GSU Officers Start

    monday 14th June

    Newly elected GSU Officers start their roles.