Mens Football

Favourite Varsity Moment/Memory?
Whether you’re a fan of football or not, Winning that penalty shoot-out against Medway in the last fixture of Varsity 2 years ago doesn’t give you goosebumps I don’t know what will. The scenes when everyone ran onto the pitch when the last penalty went in. See for yourself on our Instagram @uog_football 
What is the best thing about being a part of team Greenwich?
Looking forward to playing the sport I love week in week out.
Favourite sporting moment at University?
For me personally, winning my first varsity 1-0 where we scored In the last 5 minutes. We had the lunchtime kick off so early doors, every single one of the football boys were at the game and when that final whistle blew and we all celebrated, that’s when I knew I loved the club. That’s when for me I felt completely submersed into the tradition and culture of the Mens Football team at Greenwich. We’re more than just a bunch of lads who play football on a Wednesday and are hungover by Thursday.
Would you recommend students join a sports team or students group at University?
Absolutely. The ‘University experience’ is of course defined differently by everyone. But in my personal experience, joining a sports team or student group is crucial in making your time at University more than just sitting in a room and going to lectures weekly. It gives you routine, something to look forward too and feel a part of, whilst also being a catalyst in offering a social element outside of the sport with your teammates.