JOno smith

Vice President Student Activities

Favourite Varsity Moment/ Memory:
My favourite Varsity moment has to be winning it in my second year. The overall score had remained close throughout the day which always makes for an exciting finish. I remember watching Men’s Football which was one of the last games of the day and was being dubbed ‘the decider’. It went to penalties and as soon as Greenwich scored the winning penalty, everyone stormed the pitch. People from all the sports teams really came together as Team Greenwich to celebrate. Truly magical.
What is the best thing about being part of Team Greenwich?
My favourite thing about being part of Team Greenwich is all the people you get to meet. From your teammates who become your family, to members of other teams you meet through joint socials or on a Team Greenwich Wednesday – it really made my time at Greenwich so enjoyable.
Favourite sporting moment at University?
I’m going to have to mention 2 moments but I could literally go on forever about all the great moments I’ve had. The first has to be winning the league in my final year and as captain. Unfortunately, I was injured so couldn’t play in the final game against Kent away. It was almost unbearable watching from the side in what was such a tough game but everyone on the pitch gave everything they had, and it turned out to be enough. I will never forget celebrating in the changing rooms afterwards. The second would be winning Club of the year at sports awards. It was the perfect way to round off my time as part of Team Greenwich. It was so rewarding for myself and everyone else who had put so much into the club and the award made sure we knew it was all worth it.
 Would you recommend students join a sports team or student group at University?Absolutely. I struggle to imagine my time at university if I hadn’t gotten involved in a student group. It completely transformed my experience and has led to me having the best 3 years of my life. I’m so grateful to be in my role now as VPSA as it has given me an even greater insight into how amazing student groups can be. They definitely improve the experience students have at university by an unmeasurable amount.