Netball 2s

Favourite Varsity Moment/ Memory:
For me, this has to be Netball 2s game last year. It was such an intense and close game where the scores were constantly drawing. With the added pressure of the crowd, we definitely played the best netball we ever had as a team. Despite the unfortunate outcome of losing by a couple of goals, it was such a good feeling knowing we could be proud of our performance.
What is the best thing about being part of Team Greenwich?
Ignoring the cliché, being part of Team Greenwich has definitely changed my university experience for the better. If I had not started playing netball I would not have met the lovely people I am lucky to call my housemates, as well as all the friends I have made for life both from netball and the rest of Team Greenwich.
 Favourite sporting moment at University?
My favourite sporting moment was being made Vice Captain for Netball 2s this year. In first year I was placed in Netball 4s, and so to know I have progressed so much in the space of a couple of years is an extremely rewarding feeling.
Would you recommend students join a sports team or student group at University?
Of course! It is the best way to meet likeminded people, with similar interests or hobbies to yourself. Even if you’re not absolutely sure you want to be part of a team or group, the best thing to do is get involved. There is something for everyone regardless of your ability and you’re given so much support to improve.