Mens Football

Favourite Varsity Moment/ Memory:
Like many of the boys, winning that final match on penalties and varsity 2017 has to be the highlight of my Uni footballing career, I’ve never seen so many grown men so close to tears which just shows you how much the game affected everyone and how much it meant to us all that night.
What is the best thing about being part of Team Greenwich?
Getting to play the sport that I love and meeting new people along the way
Favourite sporting moment at University?
Winning 2-1 away from home after being 1-0 down against top of the league on a cold, rainy, muddy morning to fight hard and pull back the win. And then to then go on to win the Saturday league with the team, never had a season quite like it.
Would you recommend students join a sports team or student group at University?
100%, not only is it a great way to get to know new and interesting people it becomes a huge part of your uni experience from the competition to the friendship groups you become a part of. With such a huge variety of sports the Uni has to offer there no reason not to be a part of it all!