GSU Elections 2021

The power is in your hands to decide who is going to lead the Students’ Union and make crucial decisions on your behalf over the next academic year 2021/2022.

The polls open at 09:00 on Monday 1 March 2021 (in 4 days and 6 hours)

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GSU Officer (4 places)

These are your four Full-time Officers, elected in March and working summer to summer. They are either taking time out of our studies or have finished their degrees to lead your Students’ Union, implement new ideas, support student-led activities, and represent your voice with the University at every level. Day to day work includes running campaigns, sitting on university committees and making sure everyone can hear your voice loud and clear.
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NUS Delegate (5 places)

Represent Greenwich Students on a National Stage at the 2021 Online National Conference

NUS Delegates represent the University of Greenwich students at the annual NUS National Conference. The purpose of the Conference is to:

  • Democratically debate motions and pass policy from students’ unions across the UK;
  • Hold current leadership to account for their work over the past year;
  • Discuss, amend, and approve policy reports from each of the NUS’ five ‘Zones’;
  • Adopt decisions made by each of the Nations, Student Sections, and Liberation Campaigns;
  • Elect and appoint people to various committees, trustee board, and student leadership positions;
  • Hold an AGM, receiving the annual report and accounts and approving the budget for the coming year.
  • This is a part-time, voluntary role for the from the 6th-8th April

Please Note: You can run for a GSU Officer position and as an NUS Delegate.

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